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Hi! I am Jeric and welcome to Drink Inquirer! I am a hospitality professional. I studied Hospitality Management. I've been passionate about the hospitality industry. I love exploring and sharing my experiences. I always tend to try something new to make things better. With the recipes, I am sharing here with you are all tested and recommended ingredients by some great bars. You may find different from other websites or blog but I guarantee you that all the recipes here I've done them by myself, tasted, and made them into different ways to get the taste that can satisfy our thirst. I also added nutritional facts in each drink I am posting to make sure that you maintain your good diet while enjoying your drinks.

I hope to inspire you and satisfy your thirst with your family and friends.  If you have some recommendations and suggestions please contact info@drinkinquirer.com or through our Facebook channel.

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Jeric Urbayo

Jeric is a young hospitality professional. He took his Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Northern Philippines (UNP). Jeric is an ambitious young professional. He acted as a Hospitality Instructor at the Divine Word College of Vigan, Philippines. After a full year of teaching, he became a Professor in Front Office and Food and Beverages Management at the World Citi Colleges, Philippines. After those incredible experiences, he also became a partner in Food and Beverages at Seda Hotel and Starbucks Philippines. He continued his success and became part of the pre-opening team of Front Office at Savoy Hotel Manila. 
Favorite bar: 
Favorite drink: Amaretto Sour

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