How to be productive while stuck inside due to a pandemic

It's been months since they declared the quarantine. Although remaining inside is a good way to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus, and is an important measure to help "flatten the curve" of daily cases that put pressure on our health care system, it could lead to a lesser evil: boredom and stir craziness.

Many are getting bored because of this pandemic situation. But don't be! I am enlisting some of the things that we can possibly do while we are isolating ourselves inside our houses. Don't think that we are locked on this. I am giving you tips on how to be responsible, productive, and avoid getting crazy from this pandemic. There are plenty of things we can do while in quarantine.


1. Clean your stuff
Maybe you've been busy working before the quarantine started. I guess this is the right time to clean up the mess you missed during your busy days.

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2. Play with the family

Since you were busy with your career and soon, it is must be time to spend some time with your family. I know it is frustrating to be at work 8 hours a day then we go home at night and sleep without hanging spending quality time with our loved ones.

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3. Learn something new

Don't get stuck sitting on your favorite chair. While in quarantine, be productive. Open your notes, books, magazines, and etc. and study. it is so good to learn something new and apply it after the quarantine. Not only those types of learning, but you can also learn something new you've never done. For example, washing clothes, watering the plants,  or anything that you can improve yourself while in quarantine. The quarantine can be also mean "self-improvement". This time of pandemic dedicate yourself to learning new things (e.g. language). We can also study online with online study flatforms like LinkedIn Learning.

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4. Actually meditate

Self-reflection could be a thing you can do in this era. Meditation helps you relieve stress and improve your wellbeing. Sit, rest, inhale, exhale, and release all the negativity inside you. There are downloadable applications to help you during your meditation ceremony. Download Aura, an app that walks you through meditation and mindfulness. It is offering a free three-month subscription, which includes unlimited access to their expert-created mindfulness meditations, life coaching, inspiring stories, and music.


5. Cook and stay together

Cooking time is always the best time for me. It feels so good when you cook together and instructing one another. This is a very good bond for a family. Sit together and decide what to eat for dinner or lunch and do the cooking. Maybe while you are cooking, someone is baking or setting up the table.

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6. Take a virtual world tour
Yes, I know it is hard not to go out at least but we can still explore and see the beauty of the world through technology. Thanks to our modern technology. We could be able to see the world. For the min time, why don't you sit and plan for the next trip after this quarantine? Check on the places that you can possibly visit after the government frees us. Check their history and also plan your budget.

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There is always something to do. Do not kill yourself sitting and just facing the clock to turn.

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