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We want to enjoy our lives to the fullest and take these moments to spend time with our loved ones. But standing for 2 hours just to enter the supermarket? No way! Want some tips to expedite your supermarket session? Yes way!



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Everyone knows how hard it is to stand for more or less 2 hours just to enter the supermarket. It is hassle right. I know nobody wants it and as much as possible we don't want to stay outside till we know that we are fully safe. I would lie to share some tips on how to avoid long queues in supermarkets. I am giving you tips that will surely expedite your supermarket ceremony! hehehe


1. Check the right time


Time is gold. Time is money. As much as possible we do not want to waste our time waiting. If you decided to go to the supermarket, it is always best to think if which time you should go to avoid standing for ages. Most of the people take their lunch between 12:30-14:00. If you want to have a lesser queue, then you may go by that time. But of course, I am not promising that you won't encounter queues anymore. This timing will help you to lessen your time standing outside the store. 


2. Deliver straight to the housedoor

Yes, make use of them. To ease our work and help people continue their jobs at the same time, why not to use delivery services straight to our housedoors. We can directly order to the supermarket or we use other choices. We have Glovo, Amazon, Cicalia, and  Uber Food, Just Eat, Deliveroo for food.


The big supermarket chains like Esselunga, Coop, or Pam do online ordering with home delivery. You can either go into each supermarket site or use this link Supermercato24.


3. Check the right supermarket


We have plenty of supermarkets. But, take note that your main goal is to avoid waiting outside, standing under the sun, and unsecured exposure in public. If you know that there is another supermarket that you can go to and they offer the things you needed, then decide. Do not risk your life standing outside if you can do la spesa (the supermarket) in an easier way.


4. Use the latest technology


Grocery shopping in Italy has become a chore due to the often lengthy queues for supermarkets during the nationwide shutdown as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. However there is an app for every situation these days and, in this particular case, there are at least two available to help you time your trip to the supermarket aside from google maps. Just download the applications for free. These applications are also free of charges.


  • FilaIndiana. This application was created by a group of young engineers and designers at the Politecnico di Milano. Fulvio Bambusi, explained to Italian news agency Adnkronos that he was tired of hearing friends and relatives complain of the "absurd situation" of long queues at some supermarkets while others lay semi-deserted. Bambusi and his friends created a platform showing the estimated waiting times at supermarkets in the user's area. FilaIndiana updates its information in real-time based on reports sent by users.




  • DoveFila. This app was originally designed to control crowds and contagion risks but is now being used increasingly by shoppers keen not to get stuck in a supermarket queue. A queue is really hassling, I know. The data-sharing app tells users the number of people already in line and provides estimated waiting times at your local supermarket, allowing people to monitor the situation from home and plan their shopping trip accordingly.





So, have you decided when is your next grocery shopping? Be wise and skip lines!

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